Big Or Small.
We Move Them All!

Big Or Small.
We Move Them All!

Brandt House & Building Movers

There are several reasons to consider moving a structure. If you check square footage costs of new construction versus recycling structures, you’ll find moving the structure makes more sense. It also saves you time and avoids costly overages due to planning, construction delays, OSHA requirements, weather interruptions, etc. Plus there’s the “green” factor which makes good, ecological sense to recycle valuable housing to prevent its demolition waste from entering our landfills.

Cracks in foundations and footings can cause structural problems. We can properly raise a building or structure to repair or replace the underpinnings. Or maybe raise the roof or whole house to create an addition underneath which is especially helpful for small lots.

Sometimes structures need to be moved to resolve disputes over property lines or easement boundaries. If flooding is an issue, sometimes relocating the structure to a dryer location is the right solution.

If you have the right house available for relocation and property/lot combination, you can make some money investing in spec houses.

We welcome all jobs and types of structures. Big or small, we move them all! We’ve moved multistory buildings with very large square footage, multi-unit complexes, sheds, apartment buildings, and more. We raise or move buildings just inches or miles down the road to a new location. From raised floors to slabs, we’ve moved all kinds, including homes with attached garages and complex roof designs. We can even handle moving modular and mobile homes with ease. And it doesn’t stop there. We also move railroad cars and yachts too.

When a move means EVERYTHING, including the kitchen sink- Think BRANDT! We’ve been there, done that! Call for a free estimate and past project details.

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