We've Moved Mountains Of Buildings!

We've Moved
Mountains Of Buildings!
Big Or Small.
We Move Them All!
Inches Or Miles.
We Move Them All!
When A Move
Means Everything!

When A Move Means EVERYTHING, Including The Kitchen Sink- Think BRANDT!

Historical Building Mover

Historical Buildings

Preserving a building’s historical interest by relocating it to a more ideal place is what Brandt House and Building Movers is all about. We use specialized techniques to meticulously lift, move, support, and balance during the moving process.

Commercial Building Mover

Commercial Buildings

We have experienced crews utilizing specialty equipment and innovative solutions to carefully protect and move commercial buildings. With precise planning and engineering, Brandt House and Building Movers safely moves inches or miles.

 Barn Mover

Barn Moving

From delicate, historical buildings to barns and garages, we move all types of structures- big or small. Brandt House and Building Movers doesn’t stop there, we even move railroad cars, yachts, and other heavy or oversized industrial equipment.

Residential Building Mover

Residential Buildings

We can safely move and relocate a residential home or structure to a new site, using our modern moving technology which saves time and reduces building costs. From historical homes to mobile homes, call Brandt House and Building Movers today.